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Digital Strategy Summit Live // 2021

5-days of inspiration and learning from leaders. Leaders from a range of organizations, agencies, and tech companies are coming together to share with you.

Each day will feature an experts panel, strategic learning, and an evening salon.

We just launched our Bigger Better More connected More Engaged community hub.

Live Course โ€” Session #2 Next

Building a Social Media Ambassadors Program

This 6-lesson course will help you understand how to build a Social Ambassadors program to drive your narrative. Weโ€™ll make sure you understand the strategy and set reasonable goals. Equip you with templates and planning tools. Together weโ€™ll work to help you launch your program at the end of this course

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This is a seven-lesson lightning course that can be completed in about two hours. Whether youโ€™re trying to raise money for your cause or your campaign, get out the vote, or otherwise mobilize your supporters โ€” this course is chock-full of practical tips you can use to make your email appeals more successful.
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This course is designed to help you kickstart your strategic digital planning and take it up a level. Youโ€™ll learn the core concepts and methodical systems to be a better strategist and planner. Weโ€™ll go deep on goals, tactics, resources and budgets. And bring it together with a more in-depth version of our strategically designed digital project planning blueprint.
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This course will help you not just understand audience archetypes but empowering you with the ability to lead others through understanding and workshopping audience archetypes. Youโ€™ll be able to run these workshops internally or for other organizations.
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