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January 25th

Getting it Right in 2024: Strategies for Social Impact in a New Digital Era

Join digital experts Brad Caldana, Sarah Ali, and Salim Shariff for a fast-paced, 1-hour discussion on the changing landscape of digital strategy.

January 25th 2 ET / 11am PT


Feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing? Worried your strategy can’t keep pace with changes in AI, tracking, platforms, and more?

You’re not alone. Nearly every organization is struggling to adapt.

But the most forward-thinking leaders are using these trends to their advantage – leveraging new tech, upskilling their teams, and developing strategies to drive results at scale.

Join digital experts Brad Caldana, Sarah Ali, and Salim Shariff for fast-paced, 1 hour discussion on:

???? Where your organization falls on the Digital Strategy Spectrum
???? Automation and AI changes that no marketer can afford to ignore
???? The rise of 1st party data and new metrics that matter
???? Getting leadership & funders bought into digital transformation
???? Building future-proof strategies & the capacity to accomplish them

Whether you’re a nonprofit leader, digital manager, or campaigner who knows your digital program could be better you’re just not sure how to make it happen, you’ll leave the webinar with clear steps for meeting the digital moment we’re living in now.


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Brad Caldana

Chief Digital Strategy Officer | Center for Digital Strategy

Brad Caldana is the Founder of the Center for Digital Strategy and author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.” For over a decade Brad has been designing and leading training for nonprofit and political organizations of all sizes around the globe. Working hands-on in roles like President Obama’s 2012 Digital Training Director, Digital Strategist, Director, Head of Engagement, and more supporting digital-centered change.

Sarah Ali

Founder | Sarah Ali Digital

Sarah Ali helps non-profits and social impact organizations up their digital game through transformative strategies and compelling user experiences. She has a decade of experience fundraising, campaigning, marketing, and advertising for social change — from the front end of local community organizing to the back end of digital strategy. She is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and presenter and seeks to actively push the sector to create more innovative and equitable digital programs.The list of organizations she has served ranges from grassroots to INGOs, including organizations like World Animal Protection, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and more.

Salim Shariff

Founder | Salim Shariff Strategies

Salim Shariff is a political strategist with 13+ years experience working to elect candidates, pass legislation, and help organizations achieve their goals through digital & communications strategy.

Leading teams of 4 or more for the last decade, he’s helped dozens of candidates win campaigns, helped pass dozens of progressive laws, placed millions of dollars in media spend, raised millions of dollars, and generated hundreds of thousands of online & offline actions for progressive campaigns & causes. His work has won awards from the AAPC & Shorty Awards.