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Digital Strategy for Executive Directors, Leaders, & Managers

Next training: December 12th – 14th 2023

Comprehensive training for leaders of all kinds to get a more complete view of current digital strategy. After this training, you’ll be ready to make more strategic decisions to impact your organization and the issues you work on.

3 days of live online training sessions with group conversation and engagement.


This special leaders training includes three days of daily three-hour block sessions.
Sessions will run from 1 ET – 4 ET / 10am PT – 1pm PT.
Each session will feature insights and strategic thinking for how organizations can leverage digital strategy in each of these areas that are core to organizational digital strategy.

Day 1

Fundamentals of
Digital Strategy

Getting started, we will lay a framework for Digital Strategy and align on a common language. Breaking the Digital Engagement Cycle, essential elements of digital planning, and how the elements tie together. Plus a walk through of our Digital Plan template.

3 Pillars of Organizational Digital Strategy

These pillars are the foundation for any organization aiming to thrive in digital. With the rise of AI-driven analytics and data-centric campaigns, it’s crucial to have a strategic approach to digital for your organization so that you don’t just do digital things – you build and execute a digital strategy.

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Audience Personas + Messaging and Reach

Getting started, we will lay a framework for Digital Strategy and align on a common language. Breaking the Digital Engagement Cycle, essential elements of digital planning, and how the elements tie together. Plus a walk through of our Digital Plan template.

Day 2

Organizational Email Strategy – Acquisition, Tracking, Engagement, and Fundraising

Email is as important as ever. But the technical side and testing are harder. We’ll talk big picture on core email areas like email acquisition, tracking, segmenting, engagement, and fundraising. That way, you can have a better view of programmatic and strategic email.

Organizational Social Media Strategy – Broad Platform Overview Networks, Potential, & Influencers

Social media has changed rapidly over the last 2 years. The old playbook many organizations have been running is broken. We’ll talk about platforms, audiences, and how to align with your strategy.

Digital Advertising – Clicks, Conversions, and What Matters

Reaching and engaging people is harder on some channels, and that makes digital ads critical to all organizations. We’ll break down the different advertising channels, understand performance, and what organizational reporting should look like.

Day 3

Organizational Text Messaging, Peer-to-Peer, Mobile friendly experiences

Text messaging continues to grow and deliver high impact. There are several essential elements for organizations to implement and thrive.

Website Strategy – Design and Development Analytics Overview

Web development and strategy continue to be a murky area of understanding. We’ll cover essentials on web development planning, strategy, and an overview of analytics.

Video Strategy and Creative Design

Video and creative strategies are critical for all digital strategy. We’ll cover some of the essential strategies and planning for these areas to make a bigger impact for your organization.

Bringing it all together in strategic planning

Returning to the Digital Plan, we’ll talk about all of the sessions tying back together for your organization’s strategy.

Accelerate your Understanding

The essential training for Organizational Leaders to get a solid understanding of Digital Strategy.

What past attendees are saying:

When I took on my current role as ED of an organization that needed a complete digital transformation, this course hit the sweet spot to help me plan and prioritize so we could execute these changes efficiently and effectively. I’m confident that the many insights I gained from the course will continue to be invaluable as we progress through our digital metamorphosis. Also, the entire summit was fun and both run and attended by interesting, smart people.
Stacy Cohen
Executive Director
I found the sessions engaging and encouraging. Brad lays out essential points about voice and tone that everyone building a comms strategy (for social and beyond) should consider. He takes the vagaries of social media and helps them feel manageable. The approaches he lays out serve as great reminders about setting goals, being realistic, and speaking to people’s aspirations in your messaging. In a world chasing virality and in which comms can feel like a roll of the dice, this course helps provide needed structure and tools.
Allen Arthur
Online Engagement Manager
We really appreciated being in the room to focus on this work which is so critical in today’s activist environment. The up-to-date information on open rates, facts and figures, and shifting metrics was incredibly useful for our team. It was great to connect with old and new colleagues in nonprofits working toward a more just and beautiful world!
Beautiful Trouble
Team Feedback

Your Host

Brad Caldana

Founder, Center for Digital Strategy

Brad Caldana is the Founder of the Center for Digital Strategy and author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.” For over two decades Brad has been designing and leading training for nonprofit and political organizations of all sizes around the globe. Working hands-on in roles like President Obama’s 2012 Digital Training Director, Digital Strategist, Director, Head of Engagement, and more supporting digital-centered change.

Yes we offer scholarships you can apply here:

This training is designed for organizational leaders who are managing organizations, programs, or campaigns and want a deeper digital strategy foundation.

It’s also great for digital practitioners stepping into leadership roles.

While attendance is not required we highly encourage everyone to attend the sessions live.

Yes, all sessions will be available after the event on the Center for Digital Strategy for ongoing event access.

Yes, simply click buy tickets and for 2 or more tickets you will receive 30% off all of the tickets.

We have created a pricing structure to make this vital training accessible to as many organizations as possible.

The large organization cost represents a true cost for the training, but to make it accessible we are creating tiers for smaller organizations as well.

Leader (Large Organizations $10M+ budgets) $399
Leader (Budget $5M – $10M) $299
Leader – (Budget $1M – 5$M) $199
Leader – (Budget under $1M) $99
Global South Leader $49


Leader (Large Organizations $10M+ budgets) $399
Leader – (Budget $1M – 10$M) $299
Leader – (Budget under $1M) $199
Global South Leader $79

Any additional questions email support from the link below.