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May 6th

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Digital Ads Reporting Templates

Join Brad Caldana, the Founder of the Center for Digital Strategy.


Join Brad to get access to 3 essential templates for any digital advertising program. We want to help you make your organizational strategy better and these are easy to implement templates to do that.
Reporting Memo
A clear memo template to help you get the updates stakeholders need.
Reporting Slides
Having clear and consistent reporting slides makes a huge difference in reporting on advertising campaign impacts.
Acquisition tracker
Tracking ROI and long-term engagement from advertising campaigns is critical. This set of slides gives you a solid jumping-off point for your program.

  • Reporting Memo
  • Reporting Slides
  • Acquisition tracker

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Brad Caldana

President and Founder | Center for Digital Strategy

Brad Caldana is the Founder of the Center for Digital Strategy and author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.” For over a decade Brad has been designing and leading training for nonprofit and political organizations of all sizes around the globe. Working hands-on in roles like President Obama’s 2012 Digital Training Director, Digital Strategist, Director, Head of Engagement, and more supporting digital-centered change.