Email Strategy Summit — 2024

Streaming live online — June 25th – 27th

  • Training, strategy, & insights to expand your digital strategy.
  • Content for everyone from beginners to experts.
  • Streaming Live and Fully Interactive Online Summit.
  • All sessions are recorded and available to stream on-demand.

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10+ sessions

Email Strategy Summit — 2024

Streaming live online
May 7th – 9th

  • Training, strategy, & insights to expand your digital strategy.
  • Content for everyone from beginners to experts.
  • Streaming Live and Fully Interactive Online Summit.
  • All sessions are recorded and available to stream on-demand.

Only $149


Email is still evolving. Deliverability, trends, and tools continue to emerge. AI is already making an impact for many organizations.


Your email strategy with insights and training. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will leave with new insights and strategies you can apply to your organization.


With experts and others working in email strategy for nonprofits, campaigns, and advocacy.


We will continue to update the schedule with new sessions. All sessions subject to change.

Tuesday, June 25th

Panel: Email in 2024, we’re talking best practices, deliverability, and more

12 ET / 9 AM PT

Brad Caldana
Founder @ Center for Digital Strategy

Join Brad Caldana as he discusses what’s happening in email with this year with various experts.

DIGITAL STRATEGY 201: Email Fundraising with ActBlue – 90 Minute session

1 ET / 10 AM PT

Camryn Hicks Training Outreach Manager @ ActBlue

Why is digital fundraising essential? How can we reframe the way we think about asking for money? Why are small-dollar donors important? Intro to Digital Fundraising tackles these questions and outlines steps your campaign can take to dive into digital fundraising.

Hello <NAME> matters: Reinventing the welcome series to increase conversions

3 ET / 12 PT

Faizan Faruq
Senior Director of Business Development @ Engaging Networks

Maan Sacdalan Co-Founder @ Stratovation Partners

Welcoming new digital sign ups and donors has become a standard practice in fundraising. But how can we optimize and automate welcome series to cut through the noise, increase conversions, and build life-long relationships with loyal donors? Join National Trust for Historic Preservation and Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) as they discuss powerful campaign examples that capture donor imagination during that critical moment after sign ups when donors have shown initial commitment and interest. We’ll explore tactics like simple surveys, petitions, and other non-donation asks that give your new donors ways to self-segment and take action on your behalf. We’ll also examine the strategy involved in growing your file of recurring donors who are committed to the long term success of your mission.

Calculating Email List Value

4 ET / 1 PT

Brad Caldana
Founder @ Center for Digital Strategy

Email is a critical part of every organization’s fundraising infrastructure. Learn about the importance of creating a realistic list value and a template to do it for your organization.

Wednesday, June 26th

How to launch a fundraising campaign using email

12 ET / 9 AM PT

Katelyn Baughan Nonprofit Email Marketing Consultant @ KB Digital

– How to set goals and define KPIS
– Audience selection
– Segmentation & personalization
– Copy & design
– Campaign timeline

How AI is impacting email – Quiller.AI Casestudy

1 ET / 10 AM PT

Ashley Wilson Head of Partnerships @ Quiller.AI

More details coming

Implementing email deliverability strategies

2 ET / 11 AM PT

Jordan Krueger Founder & CEO @ CampaignHelp

Major email providers are cracking down on email senders. If you’re not focused on email deliverability, your program could have an increasingly more difficult time reaching the members you’ve fought so hard to gather! 

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of implementing deliverability in your email program, including technical aspects (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), testing down the list, and reactivation methods. 

Panel: Email list acquisition in 2024 – Details coming

Thursday, June 27th

Email and Access: Disrupting Disinformation During the 2023 Ohio Abortion Access Ballot Initiative

12 ET / 9 AM PT

Britt Bischoff Narrative Strategies, Digital Strategy & Analytics for Campaigns & Causes

An inside look at a strategy that disrupted disinformation campaigns that threatened Ohio’s critical 2023 abortion rights ballot initiative. Drawing on firsthand experience, this training will showcase proven tactics to intercept and redirect misled voters searching for clarity.

With a special focus on how email strategy was critical.

We’ll expose opposition disinformation tactics and battle-tested narrative interception strategies that achieved unprecedented results. Learn how we defeated multifaceted confusion and disinformation efforts through innovative search strategies, and uncovered (and later removed ) dangerous state-sponsored misinformation that received national attention through AP News coverage.

The Best and Worst of Nonprofit Newsletters

1 ET / 10am PT

Michelle Shen
Digital Marketing Consultant @ The Purpose Collective

Patty Breech Founder and CEO @ The Purpose Collective

In this digital day and age, you have likely experienced reading emails of all kinds — ones that make you smile, ones that you save to read later, and even ones that stop you in your tracks and fully immerse you in their content. As a nonprofit professional, you know the impact a powerful email can have on a reader.

Yet, on the flip side, you have also read those emails that make you cringe — ones that are designed poorly and hard to read, ones that are filled with incorrect information, or even ones that just have too much information for you to reasonably read through.

During this session, we’ll walk through the best – and worst – of nonprofit email newsletters. By the end of this session, you’ll walk away with common mistakes to avoid and a clear path where you want to take your organization’s email marketing. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to draw your audience into your cause as a lifelong supporter.

Practical AI for Email Practitioners – Drafting & Replying in a Tenth of the Time with Change Agent

2 ET / 11 am PT

Aram Fischer , Co-CEO @ Change Agent

What if you could transform a policy document into three versions of a fundraising email in minutes? What if managing replies to your email program was pleasant? Practical AI for Email Practitioners will show you how this is possible with a dash of theory and generous helping of practice so that you can leverage your learning ASAP.

You’re writing your emails wrong

3 ET / 12 PT

Josh Klemons -Digital Storyteller, Strategist, and Founder @ Reverbal Communications

Email can serve as the bedrock of a campaign for grassroots fundraising, organization and communication efforts. But so many organizations struggle to write emails that “work.”

Does your email have too many calls-to-action? Does it contain a theory of change? Will it pass the grandparents test? How about the grandkids test?!
Throughout this session we’ll cover email best practices, common mistakes to avoid and a whole lot more.


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