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Facebook Ads and election updates, 10 Tips for Aspiring Activists, Vote Tripling, and Free Canva GOTV Templates

Facebook Preparing for Election Day

Facebook releases new updates –

We’ve known for a long time that the 2020 election in the US would be unlike any other. We’ve been preparing for this election with a unique set of products and policies. As we head into the final stretch, we remain focused on two important goals: 

  • Helping more Americans register and vote 
  • Protecting the integrity of the election by fighting foreign interference, misinformation and voter suppression 

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Ten Digital Tips for Aspiring Activists

Looking to take your online activism to the next level in the final weeks of the most important campaign of our lifetime? Or looking for ways to further engage your volunteers and organizers to step up and do more to help grow your digital program? Check out this list of 10 Digital Tips For Aspiring Activists and then get ready to change the world.

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Vote Tripling With ActionSprout

Have you ever been to a grocery store during the political campaign season? If so, you’ve likely encountered canvassers collecting commit-to-vote (CTV) pledges. Canvassers or campaign volunteers using the CTV approach first ask individuals if they intend to vote for their candidate. If the voter says yes, the campaign then asks them to sign a pledge documenting their intent to vote.

But according to behavioral scientist and GOTV pro, Robert Reynolds, there are two big flaws to CTV pledge drives. First, there’s not much evidence that CTV drives turnout voters. In fact — and here’s the second problem — some voters find the CTV approach condescending.

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Canva Templates for the election cycle

Check out these templates available now. Some templates include premium images.  But Canva has a 30 day trial. More than enough to get you through the end of the elections.

GOTV and Mail your Ballot Facebook Share and Twitter Sized

GOTV and Mail your Ballot Facebook and Instagram Square Sized

GOTV and Mail your Ballot Abstract and Funky Designs Facebook Share and Twitter Sized

GOTV and Mail your Ballot Abstract and Funky Designs Facebook and Instagram Square Sized


How load custom audience to Facebook Ads

Many folks often ask:  “How do I target voters?”, “Can I upload the voter file to Facebook?”, or “Can I target my own email list?”

The answer is yes, yes, and yes. Quick few minute video on how to upload any list to target in Facebook Ads.


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Updates Coming Soon
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