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June 22nd @ 3 ET / 12 PT

Actual toolkits that scale social engagement and reach with SpeechifAi

Join this special conversation with the founder of this new tool helping organizations reach massive scale.

Tudor Mihailescu

Cofounder | SpeechifAI

Tudor is a cofounder at SpeechifAI – an AI powered platform that helps progressive digital teams run dynamic social sharing campaigns with communities of activists and partners geared towards narrative change, list building (events, petitions etc.) and fundraising.

Since launch in September 2019, digital organizers used SpeechifAI to build social share toolkit pages that received nearly 1.5 million visitors and drove more than $40 million in marketing value.

Brad Caldana

Founder | Center for Digital Strategy

Brad Caldana is the Founder of the Center for Digital Strategy and author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.” For over a decade Brad has been designing and leading training for nonprofit and political organizations of all sizes around the globe. Working hands-on in roles like President Obama’s 2012 Digital Training Director, Digital Strategist, Director, Head of Engagement, and more supporting digital-centered change.

June 22nd @ 3 ET / 12 PT


Join me for a conversation with Tudor, a co-founder of SpeechifAI, to learn about how they are scaling social engagement and conversions for organizations at scale. Their social sharing toolkits actually get used and lead to trackable engagement and conversions. I’ve been using them since they started and can’t imagine running a serious digital outreach, marketing, or advocacy campaign without their tool in the set. Their social share toolkits are used by large orgs like Planned Parenthood, Indivisible and NARAL to amplify digital-word-of-mouth and boost organic engagement through social sharing. They’ve recently launched a powerful social copy generation tool that creates optimized social copy for each social network in seconds, helping save previous time and further boosting engagement on social media. 

In this conversation we’ll cover a few key items:

  • How their tool actually helps drive social shares
  • A look at getting conversions on actions and donations
  • How their AI tool can help you create highly performing social toolkits
  • How this can be implemented in influencer campaigns


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