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Social Media Creators and Influencers — Beyond the Buzz and Understand how they are helping Organizations make real impact

Join Ellie Artone and Ashwath Narayanan co-founders of Social Currant for real talk on the creators, influencers, and the impact for organizations

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Join the Social Currant team to cut through the clutter of digital and social media jargon to learn how organizations are making a real impact right now. There are creators and influencers who have built real relationships and influence with their audiences. These are the audiences most nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and political campaigns need to reach their audiences.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the Creators and influencers

  • What exactly creators and influencers really are
  • What creator’s and influencer’s relationships with their audience look like
  • What kinds of impacts they are making for organizations right now

Course starts April 2nd

  • 6 Lesson Live Course
  • Strategy for making an impact with Creator and Influencer Campaigns.
  • Understand metrics & measuring success.
  • Learn how to integrate creators into your campaigns.
  • Live course sessions with on-demand recordings.
  • Managing a Creator Campaign is designed for social impact, not e-commerce.

Ellie Artone

Co-Founder & Chief Creator Officer | Social Currant

Ashwath Narayanan

Co-Founder & CEO | Social Currant

Brad Caldana

Chief Digital Strategy Officer | Center for Digital Strategy

Brad Caldana is the Founder of the Center for Digital Strategy and author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.” For over a decade Brad has been designing and leading training for nonprofit and political organizations of all sizes around the globe. Working hands-on in roles like President Obama’s 2012 Digital Training Director, Digital Strategist, Director, Head of Engagement, and more supporting digital-centered change.