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I’ve been leading NOI style digital boot camp trainings and mentoring the next generation of digital campaigners for several years. I’m always looking for resources for my students and The Digital Plan is now a go-to I recommend for all of my students.
Beth Becker
Digital Strategist and Coach at Becker Digital Strategies
I have assigned this and the first version of Brad Schenck’s book to my classes on digital and social media campaigns for a couple years now. My students love it. They say things like, “Where was this book when I needed it in my other courses?” Very useful and well worth the price if you are tasked with developing digital campaign plans.
Dr. Alan Rosenblatt
Digital Political Strategist, Researcher & Philosopher
I was Brad’s manager at DNC and Obama 2012 campaign where he created some of his first digital trainings. He created and ran the first Presidential Digital Training Program. Brad has a natural aptitude for how to train on digital. He thinks constantly about the human capital behind the technology and tactics that make programs run. Even back in 2011, we talked often about the power of training and he was already pondering developing a book like this. To see it in print and know it is impacting and the next generation digital staffers and strategists is awesome. It is my go-to recommendation for new staff in this space.
Betsy Hoover
Co-Founder at Higher Ground Labs

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