Top Trending NPO Posts: February 20th – 26th

Covid – 19 content is still a leading topic in engagement on Facebook this week.

The top 10 Facebook nonprofit posts this week showed that readers remained laser-focused on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and how organizations are helping roll out the vaccine. The data showed UNICEF continues to be at the top of the board for over performing posts on facebook. NPOs shared on their social media more information on the vaccine and their direct relationship to how their organization is playing a role in the vaccine rollout. 

1. UNICEF - Shared a video of a plane landing in Ghana making it the first country to receive COVID-19 vaccines
2. UNICEF - Included images of the first waves of vaccines arriving in Ghana
3. UNICEF - Shared images of health workers being vaccinated
4. Mayo Clinic - Shared a video about syringes and COVID-19 vaccines
5. UNICEF - Shared images of syringes being prepared for COVID-19 vaccinations
6. AARP - Shared an image of vaccination paperwork & mentions the side effects of the second dose
7. Mayo Clinic - Shared a story about a couple who had COVID-19
8. Mayo Clinic - Shared information on reports os some patients after COVID-19 vaccination
9. Mayo Clinic - Shared a video sharing the story of an athlete who had COVID-19
10. AARP - Shared a video of an EMT who contracted COVID-19
Top 10 Over Performing Facebook NPO Posts for the week of February 20 - 26

Even though more people are receiving vaccinations and there is an end in sight to the pandemic, readers are more engaged than ever to see from the ground up how the vaccine is being rolled out. During a time like this people are on social media not only to stay in touch with family & friends but they are using these platforms to stay in the loop with the most current updates of the COVID-19 vaccines. Make sure when sharing content on your pages you highlight what your organization is doing amid the pandemic.