Tools & Strategy Conversation with Action Network for Campaigns

We had a conversation with Seth from Action Network. Action Network is a powerful digital engagement platform known for email, events, data and more. Many know the power of this platform but don’t know it’s a great fit for political campaigns too. We get a run down of the tools and talk about how to strategically use them for campaigns with easy connections to Act Blue, NGPVAN, and many more. 

Amazing pricing for these tools

Basic tools start at… FREE. Yep. It’s pretty amazing and you can get your hands on the full toolset starting at just $10 a month. 

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About Action Network

The Action Network is a progressive online organizing platform where anyone can become an organizer by creating a free account. Organizers can publish actions to the public, such as a petition to an elected official, an event RSVP form for a meeting the organizer is holding, a survey form to collect answers from a community, a fundraising form to collect money for an upcoming campaign, a ticketed event page to sell tickets to an event, or a letter campaign to have activists email elected officials.

The Action Network Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, founded the Action Network, a 501(c)4 nonprofit, with the goal of creating progressive movement technology that would be sustainable, responsive to movement needs, and reliably progressive. Our first large public campaign was helping Making Change at Walmart and Our Walmart led to the Black Friday strikes at Walmart stores around the country in 2012. The Action Network’s event campaign tool helped make that campaign a success. Since then, we’ve continued to develop our technology and our partnerships with other large progressive organizations.

Here is a look at a few features:


A/B test “subject” and “from” lines, with a randomly cut list

Use personalization clips such as first name

Industry-leading email deliverability by SendGrid

Dig into full email stats — opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and actions




Mobile Messaging

Engage your activists with mobile messages as well as email

Automate responses to create personalized engagement journeys

Intuitive targeting, personalization, and A/B testing, just like email

Industry-leading mobile messaging through Twilio





Sophisticated Automation

Design sophisticated automated campaign journey via mobile messages and emails

Activists enter ladders when they subscribe or take action

Build in a wait before the next email or mobile message

Move activists through different paths using decision trees


And way more.

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Brad (Schenck) Caldana

Brad (Schenck) Caldana

Author and Senior Digital Strategist & Trainer at The Digital Plan

Brad is the author of The Digital Plan, founder of the website and training community.  Currently, Brad helps nonprofits, campaigns, and organizations of all sizes with their digital strategy, coaching, and training. 


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