Text Like a Human

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Text messaging is a great form of communication for your campaign. Text messages have a much higher open rate than emails, and they are a prime mode of communication for micro-content. Instead of spending hours designing and creating email newsletters, you can plan and send a text within minutes. Using text messaging for your organization or campaign will save you time and money while helping you build personal connections with supporters. 

Here’s the thing: to foster relationships through text, you have to send texts that sound like they are from a person. There are excellent automation options for peer-to-peer SMS messaging, but many of them sound robotic. That’s where Banter comes in. Lloyd Cotler, the Principal at Banter Messaging, will share the tips you need to Text Like a Human in his Digital Campaign Camp 2020 session. 

What will I learn?

Text messages can help you drive authentic, fun conversations that build relationships. Text conversation strategies will help any of your goals, including advocacy, promotion, and deeper digital connections. However, to invite real conversations, you need to write texts like a person. In this session, you will learn everything you need to know to write personable peer-to-peer texts and invite real conversations. Learn the top tips and best practices for an effective SMS program.

Who is this session for?

Every member of your team should know the importance of text message marketing for your campaign. Understanding this area of digital strategy will help you all work together effectively to reach your audience. However, this session is crucial for members of your digital team. Anyone working on your digital strategy must understand SMS programs and what to do to make them as successful as possible. 

Who is leading it?

Lloyd Cotler, the Principal at Banter Marketing, will lead the Text Like a Human session. Lloyd has worked with several brands and organizations to design and execute creative conversation strategies. He formerly ran text messaging for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and worked for Hustle, the leading peer-to-peer messaging platform in the country. Banter is a leading solution that brings SMS and messenger strategy to non-profit organizations, campaigns, and businesses.


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