Spreading your message online

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Social media is a critical part of reaching and connecting with supporters. While more campaigns are incorporating social media, very few are able to leverage it to its full potential. Being able to strategically use your content on social media is key to the success of your campaign. 

The Spreading Your Message Online session of the 2020 Digital Campaign camp presented by Laura Packard and Anastasia Golovashkina will be an excellent resource for mastering your social media content strategy for your campaign. 

What will you learn?

This session will be full of information about the best ways to engage super volunteers, spread your message, and build an online grassroots sharing community. You will learn the key tips for building intentionally diverse and inclusive communities and movements through outreach, relationships, hiring, and the content itself. 

Laura and Anastasia will cover useful tools for generating content ideas as well as the importance of setting up private Facebook and Twitter DM groups. You’ll learn all about how to create social toolkits and nail an email strategy to amplify your content. They will also provide information on cultivating influencers over time and creating a two-way conversation. 


Who is the session for?

This session is great for people in several different positions and organizations. The information will help every member of your organization understand the importance and strategies behind amplifying your content. However, it may be the most valuable for the staff or volunteers that typically work on your digital strategy. 


Who is leading the session?

How to Amplify Your Great Content and Your Message Online Via Social Media will be led by Laura Packard of PowerThru . Laura Packard is a digital/new media and communications strategist, health care advocate, and small business owner, currently based in Denver. Laura also serves on the board of Blue Digital Exchange, a trade association of progressive digital consultants and staffers. Laura has been blocked by President Trump on Twitter, and reached millions of people across the country with her story while fighting to protect our health care.

Anastasia develops and directs innovative digital strategies for leading progressive campaigns and organizations. Before serving as Elizabeth Warren’s Social Media Director, Anastasia launched and led the Social Media Department at Trilogy Interactive, where she worked with dozens of high-profile clients on refining and growing their online presence.

Both Laura and Anastasia have detailed knowledge and personal experience to bring to the table. You won’t want to miss their presentation at this year’s Camp. Reserve your spot at the upcoming Digital Campaign Camp 2020 using the form below. 



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