Putting the Pieces Together: Integrating Your Digital Campaign

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Digital campaigns are a modern part of the success of your overall campaign. But when you think about digital strategy, there are so many parts to consider. From social media to email newsletters, website content to digital advertising, the digital strategy includes a lot of moving parts. A big question that many organizations have is how should you structure your activities so that each part reinforces the others? 

In the Digital Campaign Camp 2020 session, Putting the Pieces Together: Integrating Your Digital Campaign, you will learn all about connecting all of your digital campaign pieces to create a coherent, powerful strategy. 

What will you learn?

The Putting the Pieces Together: Integrating Your Digital Campaign session is all about integrating a unified digital strategy so you can fully leverage the power of digital outreach for your organization. The speaker will take you through all of the key components of a digital campaign and how all of the pieces connect with the overall mission of a political or advocacy campaign. You will learn about how to best structure your activities to reinforce the others, and how to use email and social media to enhance each other. 

This session is all about connecting digital strategies so you can get the most out of every hour and every dollar spent on digital outreach.


Who is this session for?

All members of your team can gain some important information and knowledge from this session. No matter what position you are in, it’s important to know how your overall strategies connect. However, this session is absolutely paramount for any staff or volunteers that work on digital strategy. 


Who is leading it?

Colin Delany is an industry-leading writer and digital strategy consultant who will be leading the Putting the Pieces Together: Integrating Your Digital Campaign session. He’s the founder and editor of Epolitics.com and has written for HuffPost. His site, Epolitics.com, focuses on the tools and strategies of internet politics and online advocacy. It’s received the Golden Dot Award for “Best Blog – National Politics” and features several leading eBooks including “How to Use the Internet to Win in 2014” and “Learning from Obama”, the definitive guide to Barack Obama’s 2012 digital campaign. 

Delany has been involved in digital politics from the moment it became possible during the first internet boom. He’s worked several years as a consultant for advocacy and political campaigns, helping them get the most from their online tools and communications. 

In this session, Delany will share his wealth of knowledge and experience. It’s one that you don’t want to miss! Register for the Digital Campaign Camp 2020 using the form below. 



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