Organizational Digital Training

Digital strategy, tools, and engagement are driving major changes in the way we campaign, organize, educate, and fundraise. But implementing those strategies, onboarding new tools, and training staff to do it doesn’t just happen.
That’s why we are building individual module trainings, multi-session training programs, and ongoing coaching for organizations like yours. We sort our digital training offerings for organizations into three buckets:

  1. Online Organizational Training
  2. In-Person Digital Training
  3. Summit Level Digital Trainings

Online Organizational Training

We have a library of dozens of trainings we can tailor and adapt to your organizational needs. These trainings are updated to reflect the latest in digital trends and tailored for your organization. We’ve worked to train agencies and political campaigns, as well as international and local nonprofits.

We can schedule a one-time training for your organizational or develop an ongoing training schedule. We can also bundle these trainings with strategy and/or coaching support.

In-Person Digital Training

We love digital, but there is a huge benefit from in-person training. The ability to go deeper and maintain more intentional dialogue and bump conversation with trainers and coaches is priceless. Trainings range from two to five day intensives meant to train, empower, and help your organization develop its digital strategy.

We custom tailor our trainings to your organization. We blend adult learning theory, digital strategy, practical theory, and hands-on practice to make sure your team gets the training they need. We have trained digital directors, non-digital staff, field and engagement staff, volunteers, and everyone in between.

We can then extend the depth of training by following up with organizational specific webinars and/or coaching and strategy.

Our In-Person Digital Training looks a bit like this:

  1. Get a basic sense of your needs via the form below.
  2. Provide an in-depth discovery call.
  3. Suggest a custom designed training.
  4. Lock it in and then come facilitate and empower your team!

Summit Level Digital Trainings

If you’re running a large coordinated project with many partners, an organization with many chapters, a foundation, or other organization looking to bring others together for larger scale trainings we can cover that too.

We’ve got experience developing larger scale trainings with breakouts, strategy sessions, work sessions, and collaborative learning environments. If you’re ready to create a digital strategy learning summit for bigger groups let us know.



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Updates Coming Soon
On-Demand Trainings