Mobilizing in Facebook Groups

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Social media platforms are powerful (FREE) tools for connecting with current and potential supporters around the nation. While channels like Facebook have been useful tools for a while, they have gained unprecedented importance during a time like this. During COVID-19, traditional canvassing models have been unsafe and inaccessible. Facebook Groups provide campaigns at every level with political and apolitical portals for accessing people where they are online — for free! 

How can you mobilize Facebook Groups for your campaign? Tune in to the Mobilizing in Facebook Groups session by Sean Kornegay during this year’s Digital Campaign Camp 2020. 

What will you learn?

This session is all about mobilization with Facebook groups. You will learn all of the best practices and key tips for growth and online mobilization using a proven engagement model. The information you learn during this session will allow you to best leverage the free tool Facebook Groups for your campaign. 

Who is it for?

Everyone on your campaign can benefit from the information in this session. Understanding the current landscape and the mobilization strategies are critical for all campaign members. For any digital staff or volunteers, it is especially important. As a digital team member, you must know how to leverage the top tools out there, especially ones that are free. This session will greatly inform your digital strategy and help you gain the edge you need with a platform you should already be using. 

Who is leading it?

Mobilizing in Facebook Groups will be led by the DNC staffer who led their Facebook Groups and created the party’s current group engagement model, Technicolor Political Chief Mobilization Officer Sean Kornegay. Sean is an analytical political veteran who works to support progressive policy initiatives and Democratic candidates. He currently administers the Democratic Party’s digital correspondence tracking system to analyze feedback, uplift personal stories, and report trends to senior staff. 

Sean has a wealth of direct industry experience that your entire campaign can learn so much from! This is a session you won’t want to miss. Sign up for the Digital Campaign Camp 2020 using the form below to hear this session among many other incredible ones.


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