Single Lesson: Tagging Library | Basics of Data Structure

This is a one off class

Actually knowing about your members and email subscribers is more than clicks on actions, open rates, and donations. It can be more about what kinds of actions do they take, what issues are the most interested (both self-identified and based on action), how often and where do they engage with the organization.

All of these items can be trackable in most email/CRM (contact relationship management) systems. Using tags and systems that make sense are have descriptions can be very powerful to better engaging your supporters over time.

This training is all about how to structure a library of tags that can live beyond one staffer or current staffers. You’ll leave with more strategic insight on what a tagging library can look like and how to use tags as part of an overall engagement strategy.

Watch the video to get a deeper understanding of:

  • The importance and power of a good tagging system.
  • Strategic advice on using tags for engagement.
  • Advice and actionable examples on how to use these templates.


Tagging Library | Google Doc