LeftApps Camp 2020 Session

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Your progressive campaign or nonprofit is so important, but let’s face it… your work isn’t easy. To captivate and reach supporters in the modern digital age, you need to leverage your digital strategies and cohesive campaign activities. Creating an active community takes a lot of work and is a big struggle for campaigns. 

That’s where LeftApps comes in. FREE and only for the left, LeftApps is designed to be an easy solution for your campaign. This toolkit can be incredibly valuable for your organization. But what is LeftApps and how does it work? Tune in to the LeftApps Digital Campaign Camp 2020 session to find out more about this incredible tool. 

What will you learn?

Learn all about the LeftApps comprehensive toolkit packed with simple free tools in this session. Find out how this solution works and how it can empower your organization to do things it couldn’t do before. The LeftApps founder will walk through the toolkit, explaining the best practices, and answering any questions you might have about this new tool. 

Who is it for?

This session is for EVERYONE in your campaign. LeftApps is for staffers of all backgrounds on campaigns at any level, so it is one your entire team can benefit from! Volunteers, staff, digital team members, and candidates will all gain important information from the LeftApps session. 

Who is leading it?

Eric Mayefsky, the founder of LeftApps, will be leading this session. Eric is a self-proclaimed techie trying to help in progressive politics, and he built LeftApps. Formerly, he worked at Pete for America as the Senior Digital Analytics Advisor before starting LeftApps as a solution for progressive staffers. He’s incredibly passionate and dedicated to helping Democratic and progressive political campaigns and non-profit organizations.

LeftApps is a new powerful suite of simple FREE tools for progressive campaigns. It helps your campaign cut back the time and resources it takes to get the important things done. It’s designed to be easy and based on an active community. 

Find out about how you can take advantage of this free software solution for 2020 Democratic and progressive candidates in this key session. You will learn everything you need to know to get started with LeftApps and how it can help your campaign. Sign up for this session and the entire Digital Campaign Camp 2020 using the form below.


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