Growth — From The Digital Plan to the Center for Digital Strategy

Damn, the last year and to be honest the last four  years have been rough. But we are looking to turn the page with you. The Digital Plan is now the Center for Digital Strategy and we have some big things planned for 2021 and beyond. It’s interesting timing that the first edition of The Digital Plan was published in 2017 during the start of the Trump era. An Era that brought so much anguish and struggles for all of the issues and communities we care about. We are closing the book on the Trump era and The Digital Plan together.

We have just launched the new Hub at the Center for Digital Strategy. The reason for the changes is that The Digital Plan no longer encapsulated all that we are doing. We aren’t just building resources to get started with planning. Together we are building a community that focuses on our missions: 

The digital strategy and skills you need, to create the change the world needs.

The Center for Digital Strategy will be taking on so much more than before and we will build on what we have learned together.

Beyond classes and memberships, we are building accessibility for everyone. Here are things that will be available to all community members soon with more to come.

Of course, we’ll have courses and classes. We just announced our first new course of 2021: Building a Social Ambassadors Program — Live

We’ll be revamping some of the 50+ classes we have hosted and will be adding more over the coming months. Plus we’ll be rolling out a number of new live and self-paced courses all year.

While a certain number of courses and events will be available to all members throughout the year, paid members get unlimited access to the whole suite of features that the Hub has to offer.

We are here to make sure you get the digital strategy and skills you need, to create the change the world needs. 

We’ll be announcing our next Summit soon and the kick-off of our new summit series. 

As we move forward here is a look at where we’ve been.

2 Editions of the Digital Plan

Live and self-paced courses.

6 Cohorts going deeper for over 1,000 campaigners


Class Sessions
Developing the strategy and skills thousands of change makers.

Hosted conversation with digital strategists around the world.

4  Summits

Thousands of change makers

Stay up to date on what happens next.