Digital Strategy Techniques for People-based Campaigns

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While trying to win votes, it is easy to lose sight of the people behind your campaign. In reality, people are the driving force behind everything you do and are fundamental to your entire campaign. As we leverage digital strategies, it’s vital to remember that you are trying to reach real people. 

The session Digital Strategy Techniques for People-based Campaigns by Ned Howey and Mariana Spada will dive into the heart of this concept and teach you the most effective ways to engage activists and supporters to gain their people-power. 

What will you learn?

The Digital Strategy Techniques for People-based Campaigns session is full of powerful information that you don’t want to miss! The speakers will break down digital organizing for electoral campaigns and the value of such a strategy. You will also learn everything you need to know to manage campaigns that rely on the support of activists. Gain valuable tips on how to engage supporters and convert their participation into campaign resources. Learn all about using people-power strategically to win elections and the key factors that determine a campaign’s success. 

You can count on several important takeaways, including the key techniques to transform your campaigns, like mobilization and decentralized organizing. Industry experts will teach you how to create a website hub for activist engagement, and the key brand and design elements to build an emotional bond with supporters and voters online. 

Who is this session for?

Every member of your campaign will gain important knowledge from this session. We highly recommend that people in several areas of your team join in so that your team can be on the same page with your overall approach. Staff or volunteers working on the digital aspect of your campaign absolutely need to see this one. 

Who is leading it?

Co-founders and Partners of Tectonica Digital Campaign Solution, Ned Howey, and Mariana Spada, are leading this incredible session. Both have extensive industry experience, working with over 400 projects for progressive parties, candidates, and NGOS from 35 countries around the world. Ned has nearly a decade of experience working for nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses on helping organizations identify strategic goals and achieve them in the digital space. Mariana currently works as the Principal of Design at Tectonica, where she helps progressive candidates create effective, engaging digital solutions. 

Both Ned and Mariana have extensive industry experience and bring incredible value to this upcoming session. It’s not one that you want to miss! Sign up to see it, and many other valuable sessions, by reserving your spot at the Digital Campaign Camp 2020 using the form below.


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