Digital Political Tips: Week 3

Digital Political Tips to help you campaign better

Digital Political Tips Week #3 and we’ve got 5 new solid tips from a roster of strategists you’ve heard and a new strategist to round us out or the week to help you speed up your campaigns through the last 30 days. This week we talked about GOTV email, peer-to-peer SMS images, bots to engage, measuring engagement, and better email formatting using a simple GMAIL tip. Each video is embedded below and packed with several actionable tips on each of the topics.

DigDigital Political Tip#1: Peer-to-peer texting image best practices

Digital Political Tip #2: Bots to Engage not to spam

Digital Political Tip #3: What are we measuring when we talk about engagement

Digital Political Tip #4: Easy email formatting with GMAIL

Digital Political Tips: Don’t try to GOTV your email list

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