Digital Strategy for
Political Campaigns
Summit Series

Join our monthly mini summits for quick sessions bringing you the latest strategy in all things digital. Covering critical topics like Digital Fundraising, Email Campaigning, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Creators and Influencers, Design, Analytics, AI Artificial Intelligence, and more.

  • Training, strategy, & insights to expand your digital strategy.
  • Streaming Live and Fully Interactive
  • All sessions are recorded and available to stream on-demand.

Next Summit – March 28th

Develop and deliver a digital strategy that helps you win votes, raise campaign funds, and recruit volunteers to win on Election Day. Each summit connects you with leading digital strategists, technologists from social and political tech platforms, agency leaders, and campaigners who want to help you win in 2024.

Registration is free thanks to generous sponsors making this program possible. It is open to people supporting Democratic campaigns, State, County, and local Parties, and Organizations turning out the vote in 2024.

Each Month we’ll bring more live content and make it accessible On-Demand for you.

We have designed these micro summits for people working in the intense pace of political campaigns.

  • Rapid 30-minute sessions, we know how little time campaigners have.
  • Content dedicated to electoral campaigns and voting.
  • A day time advanced for campaign staff and evening / late day blocks for volunteer staff.
  • Content that matches the electoral calendar.
  • All sessions are available to watch on-demand; we know schedules get unpredictable on campaigns.


Sessions will be announced 2 weeks before the first summit. Register for updates.

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