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Digital for Political Campaigns

Facebook Engagement Advertising 101

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How to Promote Stories as Facebook Ads Using ActionSprout

Choosing the Right Audiences for Your Engagement Ads

Using Ads to Seed Canvassing Targets with Your Message

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Here, we will get into the nitty-gritty of using ActionSprout for engagement and neighborhood awareness advertising.

What You’ll Get From Engagement Advertising 101
We’ll learn how to promote new story posts within ActionSprout and reach voters with topical messaging.

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How to Promote Stories as Facebook Ads Using ActionSprout

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Choosing the Right Audiences for Your Engagement Ads

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Once you’ve chosen to promote a story, ActionSprout makes it easy to select just the right audience, and even to publish multiple ads with a single click.

Using a new campaign to select your audience

While promoting a story, drop your cursor into the drop-down “Who do you want to reach? menu. 

Here you will find up to three categories of available targeting: Custom Audiences, Saved Audiences, and Suggested Audiences

Custom Audiences appear if you have created your own audiences such as voter targets, past donors, and other list-based targets, or if you have used Facebook Ad Manager or ActionSprout SmartAds to create Lookalike audiences, such as the 1% of people most similar to those who already like your page. This category is not available if you have not already created your own audiences. 

Saved Audiences are targeting sets that you’ve created in Facebook Ad Manager and saved for repeated use. This might include your own interest and demographic targeting as well as geography. These audiences also won’t appear unless you have previously saved one in Ad Manager. 

Suggested Audiences are created by ActionSprout to help you quickly launch ads that are most likely to grow your engagement based on the topic of the story you are sharing.

After you’ve selected an audience, you can select to target by geography down to the neighborhood level in the “Where do they live?” drop-down menu.

You can combine any of the audience types with your geographic targets. For example, a public lands story might prompt you to target park champions of various ideologies and you’ll then add locations where you want to reach them. Note that each ad will need a budget of at least $2 per day. Promotions with allow you to quickly launch a whole series of ads to multiple targets! ActionSprout will create an ad for each interest target plus geography, so the example below means we get nine ads running for two days each with a minimum budget of $36:

You might want just the liberal audience, and just your district⁠—that’s one ad and you’d put in a budget of $10 to run it for five days.

Be sure to check the box for election ads!

Click Place Ad and ActionSprout will create the ad or ads in your Ad Account for the specified duration. 

Advertising with an existing campaign

While you can use Custom and Saved audiences to launch new ads, what if you already have Facebook Campaigns and Ad Sets that you’d like to add a story to? You can select Existing Campaign and us the same one-click power of ActionSprout to generate copies of your story ad into your live campaign and as many of its Ad Sets as you like.

Watch Shawn’s great video about finding and promoting a story, including selecting audiences and geographic targets:

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Using Ads to Seed Canvassing Targets with Your Message

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Did you know that Facebook has neighborhood-level targeting? It’s now available in your Suggested Audiences with ActionSprout.

Advertising topical stories into neighborhoods you are planning to field canvass is a great way to seed initial support. We regularly hear from canvassing teams who are pleasantly surprised to find that voters at the door have already seen their campaigns on Facebook. 

Let’s say you are dropping a piece that highlights Medicare-for-All next week. 

Start in the Stories menu in ActionSprout. Select a Topic like “Healthcare Costs” or “Insurance, Medicare, & Medicaid” and find a story that resonates with your own messaging. 

Remember that if you have specific keywords you want, you can search in both Recommended and Trending stories. 

If you’ve already begun using Promote, you may see an audience or audiences already selected. Just click Clear Selection if you want to start over. 

Share the story to your Page and click to promote. Select your audience than then type in the neighborhoods you want to reach.

Depending on the size of the neighborhoods, $20 per ad in the week before your canvass should provide strong coverage. Remember that if you select more than one audience target from Custom, Saved, or Suggested audiences, you will get more than one ad for each neighborhood. Twenty dollars will typically generate about 2,000 Facebook impressions and hundreds of engagements.

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Developed by

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Adriel Hampton runs an eponymous digital agency based in California and The Really Online Lefty League, a federal PAC covered around the globe for its videos exposing Facebook’s political ad policies. He previously co-founded Pinpoint Predictive, which provides the world’s most powerful digital advertising targeting using psychometrics.

Adriel also co-founded Really American, a news and PR firm that enables individuals to protect truth, democracy, social justice and the environment and reaches tens of millions of people each month. Prior to founding The Adriel Hampton Group, Adriel served as VP of Business Development at NationBuilder, where he built the company’s partner ecosystem. Before joining NationBuilder’s founding team in 2011, he worked as an investigator in the SF City Attorney’s Office and as Political Editor of the San Francisco Examiner. He writes regularly for Campaigns and Elections. AHG projects include a nationwide Facebook campaign to activate progressive voters in the runup to the 2018 U.S. midterm elections; election consulting for local, state, and federal candidates across the country; large-scale web projects for nonprofits including JVS and CalBike; and outreach for ActionSprout’s $2 million Facebook ad credit giveaway to NGOs.