Digital Campaign Camp 2020— Week 2

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We have an even bigger week ahead.

Monday, August 24th

  • Putting the Pieces Together: Integrating Your Digital Campaign — Monday 24th 3pm ET/12pm PT
  • ActionSprout: the all-in Facebook management software — Monday 24th 5pm ET/2pm PT
  • Mobile (SMS) 102: Text Me Maybe? — Monday 24th 6pm ET/ 3pm PT
  • Vote Tripling: A new relational tactic that targets irregular and low information voters through your existing programs — Monday 24th 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Tuesday, August 25th

  • SpeechifAI: Amplify Your Digital Activism — Tuesday 25th 1pm ET/ 10am PT
  • Uniting to confront the threat of disinfo; An intro to the Collaborative Disinformation Response System (CDRS) — Tuesday 25th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT
  • OutreachCircle: Connect, inspire, and drive change — Tuesday 25th 5pm ET/ 2pm PT
  • Breaking Through with Digital Ads — Tuesday 25th 6pm ET/ 3pm PT
  • Facebook Trends and Best Practices in 2020 — Tuesday 25th 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Wednesday, August 26th

  • Digital Strategy Techniques for People-based Campaigns — Wednesday 26th 1pm ET/ 10am PT
  • Visual Communications for people who don’t have the time to be visual. — Wednesday 26th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT
  • Digital fundraising and your campaign: How to make a difference in your communities — Wednesday 26th 5pm ET/ 2pm PT
  • I Approve This Message: Reaching Your Voters with Paid Media — Wednesday 26th 6pm ET/ 3pm PTBasic Video
  • Fundamentals — Wednesday 26th 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Thursday, August 27th

  • Optimise your influence: Using social data to understand your social army, activate your influencers and engage with relevant people — Thursday 27th 1pm ET/ 10am PT
  • LeftApps Demo — Thursday 27th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT
  • Building an E-mail List That’s Big Enough to Matter — Thursday 27th 5pm ET/ 2pm PT
  • Spreading your message online — Thursday 27th 6pm ET/ 3pm PT
  • MaestroConference & VoiceVoice — Thursday 27th 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Friday, August 28th

  • Building a Social Toolkit — Friday 28th 1pm ET/ 10am PT
  • Reaching the Right Voters in 2020 — Friday 28th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT
  • Advanced Email Program Management: Moving Beyond “Batch and Blast” — Friday 28th 5pm ET/ 2pm PT
  • Bernie Victory Captains: Building authentic leadership at scale — Friday 28th 6pm ET/ 3pm PT


More engagement:

The Camp hub features ways to engage with tools that offering free or discounted access. Just click the links there to learn more.

There is a live chat where you can continue conversations and create chat groups as is needed.

The resource section will be updated daily with resources from sessions and sponsors.

All sessions will be recorded and hosted back in the hub:

Here are a few details and expectations:
It will be awesome but something will break… We are working hard to create a great experience with group chats, embedded streams, and free resources.

But tech is complicated and without a doubt, there will be glitches. Our promise:

  • Sessions will be recorded
  • We’ll be responsive from [email protected]
  • We’ll be monitoring chat in sessions and in-between to help you
  • We’ll be responsive to needs and feedback.
  • We’ll work hard at accessibility which leads to equality for attendees.

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Brad (Schenck) Caldana

Brad (Schenck) Caldana

Author and Senior Digital Strategist & Trainer at The Digital Plan

Brad is the author of The Digital Plan, founder of the website and training community.  Currently, Brad helps nonprofits, campaigns, and organizations of all sizes with their digital strategy, coaching, and training. 


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