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How to Make Google Analytics 4 Work for Your Nonprofit

Yes, it’s true. The version of Google Analytics that we’ve been using for years is gone. The new version looks and tracks your website in a totally different way. If you were a regular user of the previous GA, you may be baffled by the new interface and metrics. Where did the bounce rate go? What are events? 

This hands-on training will teach you everything you need to understand GA4. Get practice finding the data you need and turning metrics into actionable insights. This class is specifically for nonprofit staff, so you can immediately apply what you learn to your work. After this course, you may even prefer GA4 to the old version!

This class will help you:

  • Understand GA4’s new metrics so well that you can explain them to your boss
  • Correctly set up your new GA4 property.
  • Navigate GA4’s interface and find your top-used reports from the old version of Google Analytics
  • Measure the results of your digital ads and communications campaigns
  • Get the basics on using Google Tag Manager to create custom tracking, such as for email sign ups.

Class descriptions:

  • Class 1: How is GA4 different from Universal Analytics? Setting up a new GA4 property.
  • Class 2: What are these new metrics? Understanding GA4 data
  • Class 3: Navigating GA4 and finding your favorite reports from the old Google Analytics
  • Class 4: Tracking your ads, email, social media and other digital outreach
  • Class 5: Creating custom reports in GA4
  • Class 6: Intro to custom tracking and Google Tag Manager 


All classes will be hosted live and you will be able to watch on-demand after each class.

Have questions? Email [email protected]

Live sessions

October 2nd – September 1st Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1 pm ET / 10am PT
Each class is 50 minutes

– Class 1: Monday, October 2nd @ 1 pm ET / 10am PT

– Class 2: Wednesday, October 4th @ 1 pm ET / 10am PT

– Class 3: Friday, October 6th @ 1 pm ET / 10am PT

– Class 4: Monday, October 9th @ 1 pm ET / 10am PT

– Class 5: Wednesday, October 11th @ 1 pm ET / 10am PT

– Class 6: Friday, October 13th @ 1 pm ET / 10am PT