Audience Archetype Workshop Facilitator

Brad · December 15, 2020

Essential to all good content, marketing, and advertising strategy are audience archetypes or user personas. Every major company uses them in their campaigns to engage and move people towards their target goals. Now you’ll have the power to equip organizations and political campaigns with this core strategy to engage people for positive change.

This course will help you not just understand audience archetypes but empowering you with the ability to lead others through understanding and workshopping audience archetypes. You’ll be able to run these workshops internally or for other organizations. 

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Founder of the Center for Digital Strategy and Author of The Digital Plan. I host training and strategy conversations to empower organizations and campaigns around the world. Also, serving as a Senior Digital Strategic Advisor for organizations and campaigns. I was the first Digital Training Director for President Obama. Over the last decade, I've supported nonprofit and NGO organizations around the globe. Including political campaigns and ballot initiatives from local races to the several Presidential campaigns.

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