Building Your Social Toolkit

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Social media a powerful tool that should be at the forefront of your digital campaign strategy. Using social media platforms, you can engage your ideal audience and supporters, spread awareness, and secure donations. 

But leveraging social media to its fullest potential is no easy task for campaign teams. The social media landscape is vast and ever changing, so learning the ins and outs of social media strategies can be difficult while you are undertaking so many other campaign tasks. 

In her Building Your Social Toolkit session, Beth Becker will explain the top social media strategies and methods and how to best take advantage of them. 

What will you learn?

Building Your Social Toolkit will be full of incredibly valuable information about social media and digital strategies. Beth will break down how you can leverage Stories on Instagram and Facebook to skyrocket engagement, as well as the new features to incorporate. You will also learn all about the best metrics to rely on for email and social, and how you can capitalize on data to inform your future decisions. Lastly, Beth will walk you through building a social toolkit of your very own to help you win. 

Who is this session for?

Candidates, digital staff, and volunteers of all kinds can gain important information from this session. Understanding social media and the digital landscape is critical for your overall campaign success. Digital staff and volunteers specifically will gain actionable insights that they can use to further their daily efforts. 

Who is leading the session?

Founder, Digital Strategist, and Senior Trainer of Becker Digital Strategy, Beth Becker, is leading the session Building Your Social Toolkit. Becker Digital Strategies is a boutique political digital consulting firm that helps campaigns and grassroots movements with top-level digital and social media strategies and training. It offers one-on-one coaching and conducts several digital training sessions around the world for committed activists. Beth has several years of detailed experience with social media, grassroots organizations, public relations, project management, and conference speaking. 

Beth’s session will have several key educational and actionable tips for your campaign’s social media and overall digital strategy. You don’t want to miss the chance to hear from and industry-expert and experienced speaker like Beth. Sign up for the FREE Digital Campaign Camp 2020 using the form below. 



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