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MOVEON REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (Independent contractors and firms)

Project title: Optimizely and Segment Technical Consultant

Submission: Submit an application at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUpOrWHzqbi4TBbG-m8le3TO0hfylNGV2ikA-XYkx1SDqwQA/viewform
Proposals accepted on a rolling basis until April 26. For any questions, please contact [email protected]

Project begins: May 10 or sooner

Cost and Availability: This contract position will start with an initial 15-hour contract to ensure team and technical fit and then could be extended for the full proposed project duration. Requires at least 5 hours per week for proposed project duration, up to 8 months. Will consider projects up to $100/hour, up to $20,000 total cost.

MoveOn overview
MoveOn is one of the largest independent progressive advocacy groups in the United States. MoveOn is where millions mobilize for a better society—one in which everyone can thrive. Whether it’s supporting a candidate, passing legislation, or changing our national culture, MoveOn members are committed to an inclusive and progressive future. We envision a world marked by equality, sustainability, and justice. And we mobilize together to achieve it.

Project overview
MoveOn seeks an experienced individual consultant or firm to support our site optimization program—by configuring and QAing experiments in Optimizely; evaluating and updating our current experiment loading, QA, and signoff processes; and training staff in these changes. These experiments are driven by a team of product managers, analysts, designers, and engineers, span multiple subdomains and page types, and heavily involve Segment data, so knowledge of both Optimizely and Segment is critical.

Scope of work
Understand the scope and current setup of MoveOn’s optimization testing program with Optimizely in order to help troubleshoot and manage the execution.
Evaluate and propose updates to MoveOn’s current processes for setting up Optimizely experiments, including pointing out technical and QA gaps.
Evaluate and propose updates to our current Segment integration with Optimizely, including pointing out technical and QA gaps.
Train stakeholders in technical experiment setup and QA as needed, including any updated processes coming out of evaluation.
Configure and QA Pages, Events, Audiences, Metrics, and full experiments in Optimizely, working closely with stakeholders.
Support data validation across Segment, Optimizely, and our internal database to ensure experiment results are accurate.
Participate in weekly calls to communicate project updates, understand upcoming experiments, and capture to-do’s that come out of the calls.

Reports to: Product Director. This role will also work closely with key staff, including engineers, designers, analysts, and product managers.

Criteria for selection
All applicants will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
Expertise in Optimizely technical configuration and QA, including at least 4+ years experience with setting up experiments, QA, and validating results. Existing relationships with current Optimizely engineers or support staff are a plus.
Experience with Segment tracking setup and integration with Optimizely, including reconciling results. Existing relationships with current Segment engineers or support staff are a plus.
Experience with evaluating and improving optimization programs, including developing new processes and training stakeholders.
Strong SQL and data validation experience with Optimizely and Segment.
Commitment to MoveOn’s progressive values and equity and to supporting values-aligned tech.
Strong and effective written and oral communication skills.
Ability to work effectively in a remote environment, including attending Zoom meetings and communicating via Slack.

Proposal submissions: To be considered for this role, please submit an application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUpOrWHzqbi4TBbG-m8le3TO0hfylNGV2ikA-XYkx1SDqwQA/viewform

Most-favorable terms
MoveOn reserves the right to make an award without further discussion of the proposal submitted. Therefore, the proposal should be submitted initially on the most favorable terms that the vendor could propose. There will be no best-and-final-offer procedure. MoveOn does reserve the right to contact a vendor for clarification of its proposal.
The vendor should be prepared to accept this request for proposal for incorporation into a contract resulting from this request for proposal. Contract negotiations may incorporate some or the vendor’s entire proposal. It is understood that the proposal will become a part of the official procurement file on this matter without obligation to MoveOn.

MoveOn does not guarantee any particular number of hours to Consultants during a given time period. Payment is based on work.

No obligation to contract
This request for proposal does not obligate MoveOn to contract for services specified herein.

Rejection of proposals
MoveOn reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any and all proposals received without penalty and not to issue a contract as a result of this request for proposal.

The vendor will adopt and disseminate a policy that the vendor, in employment, recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, promotion, demotion, layoff, termination, and all other terms and conditions of employment will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, ethnic identity, physical or mental disability, veteran status, marital status, economic status, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected basis.

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