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  • Request for Proposal
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Read the RFP on our website: 

The Alliance for Youth Action, in conjunction with its sister organization the Alliance for Youth Organizing, is looking for a trainer (or team of trainers) who will provide skills-based training to build the Alliance network’s digital organizing and mobilization expertise and help them strengthen their program plans for 2022. Ideally, this project will take place in the third quarter of 2021.

In early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced every organization in the Alliance network to find new and innovative ways to transform their events, programming, and local organizing work to fit our new reality. The need for digital as a major component of organizing one’s base and mobilizing supporters is here to stay. The Alliance network needs to continue strengthening the power of its digital programs to mobilize supporters to help achieve program goals and organize young people to build political power.

This summer, the Alliance for Youth Action wants to bring together the Communications, Data, and Program/Field staff in our network to participate in a training series focused on both digital organizing and digital mobilization tactics in order to strengthen the program of the network as we head into 2022. The training series should challenge participants to think critically about how best to incorporate multiple digital tactics holistically to engage their base to take impactful actions across all digital platforms that help achieve their programmatic goals.

We are hoping to make this training as interactive as possible and to provide a toolkit of resources for participants to utilize post-training as well. This series could take many forms – two or three sessions per week for 2-3 weeks, one eight hour session per week for multiple weeks, etc. – and we encourage proposals to include any learning structure and an explanation for why you chose it.


  • Shared definitions of what digital organizing and mobilization is and tactics to employ for success
  • Digital organizing and mobilization training curriculum and materials to be utilized and referenced in the future
  • Participants will learn how to execute key digital organizing and mobilization tactics they identify as priorities to reach 2022 program goals. These tactics will be finalized based on pre-surveys of participants and we anticipate could include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • List-building to grow a base of supporters
    • Ladder of engagement development to turn supporters into volunteers, leaders, and champions and tracking that progress
    • Relational organizing best practices
    • Digital media campaign strategy including digital ad creation, placement and tracking
  • Tactics for collaboration across communications, field, and data teams within network organizations to strengthen their digital organizing and mobilization work. Participants will identify and incorporate these tactics into campaign, communications, and program plans.


  • Conduct a series of online trainings with network organizations before the end of Q3.
  • Develop pre- and post-surveys to establish baseline understanding, needs, and capacity of digital organizing and mobilization across our network in order to further inform the training curriculum, measure the success of the training, and determine post-training follow up action items.
  • Work with the Alliance team to finalize the curriculum for this series.
  • Provide resources and tools necessary to successfully complete the training.
  • Post-training toolkit (slides, templates, worksheets, etc.) that attendees can use to implement skills learned in training at their organizations.

We ask that all proposals submitted include the following:

  • Brief overview of your practice (organization, company, independent work, etc.), including a short introduction to you/your team and a brief description of prior digital organizing and mobilization training and facilitation experience.
  • Describe how you define and approach both digital organizing and mobilization in your trainings.
  • Describe how you incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in your trainings and in digital organizing and mobilization.
  • Overview of how you would approach addressing the needs outlined in this RFP, including the estimated amount of hours for the project.
  • 2-3 examples of relevant facilitation(s) conducted. Examples of work with networked organizations and/or federated models are especially appreciated.
  • Describe how this training will engage participants virtually.
  • Length of training or presentation (assume at least 2 participants from each of the 20 organizations in our network).
  • What level of experience and skill your training is designed for.
  • Proposed budget.
  • A list of 4 references.

Send questions and submit proposals to [email protected]

Submission close: April 30, 2021. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed as they are received.

Budget: Up to $30,000, exclusive of travel and lodging costs or any other costs associated with outside advising expertise outlined below.

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